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From being a forerunner in its earlier days, West Bengal has settled into a middling position amongst Indian states. But the narrative has to change for the better. Bengal Development Collective is a state-focused think-tank, advocacy group, and research community that aims to promote research and policy engagement focused on the state.


We aim to create informed conversations on critical policy and developmental challenges facing West Bengal, provide evidence bases to frontline bureaucrats and implementers in the state, and support young researchers in their careers and the state in its development trajectory.

No ideological battles here. Just researchers in this space studying the anatomy of the state. Of many things, we like to talk about culture, economy, and hope.

Who are we?

The tribe comprises a diverse bunch of elite early and mid-career public policy academics, professionals, practitioners, and researchers connected with West Bengal, currently at leading global or Indian institutions who are passionate about the well-being of West Bengal

The network of people who
believe in the dream we have

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